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Lishan AZ

Interactive Design, Photography & Film

Tracking Ida

educational alternate reality game about Ida B. Wells


feature film set in Washington, DC (role: first assistant director)

On the Safe Side

educational game played by incoming USC students as part of campus orientation

Light Snatcher

multiplayer mobile game played on a strip of lights

Downtown Browns

interactive web series highlighting decisions faced by women of color in Los Angeles (role: producer)

The Locker

interactive mixed reality installation

Bernie + Bernice

collaborative art interactive experience that gets players moving their bodies in public space

The Commute

power fantasy game about retaliating against street harassment


turn-based tabletop strategy game

Shonnie's Daycare Quest

interactive film about a mother jumping through hoops to obtain government assistance

Her Parlour

story-driven audio tour for The Getty

Bathroom Experiment

public forum in an awkward place

Beauty of H Street

documentary about gentrification on H St. NE in Washington, DC