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Lishan AZ

Game Designer & Writer

Bernie + Bernice

Spring 2015

Bernie + Bernice is a 1- or 2-person interactive experience that is intended for lobbies and other passive public spaces. During gameplay, players move their bodies to control a particle system displayed on a large screen in front of them. Particles leave a trace of their recent movement, allowing players to create ephemeral particle art as they move. One player alone can control the system to satisfaction, but a second player introduces a new strong force that allows them to manipulate the system together.

The experience is “always on.” A spherical particle system sits in the middle of the screen, pulsing such that it almost seems to breathe, waiting to be played with. An unknowing passerby causes the particles to move with them, and begins to play without even realizing. If the passerby chooses to try out different body movements (such as opening their hands wide), they will discover new ways to play. My intention was to make the experience as approachable as possible, such that someone might discover play through their everyday movements, and if they choose, engage further through exploration.

The objective of this project was to get people to move their bodies in public space, to disrupt both their daily routine and the formality of behavior in public space.

The piece was on display at the iMappening Showcase in 2014, and has been on display at various points in time in the lobby of the School of Cinematic Arts at USC.


Laura Cechanowicz