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Lishan AZ

Game Designer & Writer

Her Parlour

Spring 2016

Her Parlour is a new style of museum audio tour that challenges visitors to find art pieces as they progress through a story. Designed for the Home D├ęcor exhibit of The Getty, Her Parlour transforms the exhibit into the estate of Adrienne, a middle-aged wife in 18th century France who is trying to fix her failing marriage. Convinced she can rekindle the love of her husband by reminding him of their newlywed days, she searches for the artifacts that will bring back his first memories of her. Players find the items she seeks, enter answers into the mobile app, and get deeper into the story of their marriage and French noble society of that time period.

Her Parlour was developed during a 27 hour game jam hosted by The Getty Center in 2016. Our challenge was to create an experience that helps players discover something interesting about the art they might have missed in a quick look.

Her Parlour won 3rd place in the competition, judged by a panel of Jenova Chen, founder of ThatGameCompany; Stephanie Barish, CEO of IndieCade; Richard Lemarchand, USC IMGD associate chair; and Jack Ludden, head of web and new media development at the Getty.

See The Getty’s blog post about the jam here.


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