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Lishan AZ

Game Designer & Writer

Light Snatcher

Spring 2016

Light Snatcher is a fast-paced collaborative game played on a strip of LED lights with mobile controllers. Each player (up to 6) is assigned a color and controls a small section of the strip. When the light moves through your section, tap your phone to “snatch” it. Each time the light is captured, it speeds up, making it harder to catch.

Light Snatcher is played on a flexible, water-proof strip of lights. Wear the strip on your body and let your friends play around you–try twirling in place to up the ante. Sit at a bar and play with strangers without worrying about your drink spilling.

Light Snatcher was a one-week experiment in spring 2016, which we recently picked up again. More progress (and better documentation) to come!


Julian Ceipek